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*F.O.W (P.T.A)

Welcome to the Friends of Warrender (FOW) page.  FOW are a dedicated team of parents who volunteer to raise much needed additional funds for the school that the current school budgets cannot stretch to.  These additional funds raised mean we can purchase anything that the school and its pupils need from new library books, playground equipment right through to events the whole family can enjoy like our fayres and bringing our very own circus to school!  Both the teachers and the committee members of FOW want to ensure every child who attends Warrender has a fun and rewarding time in their learning environment.

Who are the committee?
Every parent in the school is a member of FOW.  Therefore, all parents are not only welcome but encouraged to get involved and support us.  However there is also an administration team, the ‘FOW Committee’ who manage the day to day operations and run events on behalf of the members and pupils.  This team is:
 CHAIRPERSON (Standing in)  Linda Hagues (Ben 6, Connor 4)
 VICE CHAIR    Andra Kurkcu (Year 6, Olivia)
 SECRETARY  Suzanne Trisk (Y4 Pippa, and Y2 Leo)
 TREASURER  Susan Reid (Y1 Jessica and Y3 Rebecca)

Who is your class rep?
Class reps are really important to FOW.  They are the supporters who help communicate the messages between FOW and the parents and also those from parents to the FOW committee.  Our class reps are:
 RECEPTION  Nadie (Skye), Caroline (Erin)
 YEAR 1     Clare (Artem), Lucia (Freddy)
 YEAR 2  Christie (Daisy)
 YEAR 3  Anna (Caleb)
 YEAR 4  Lindsey (Rosie)
 YEAR 5  Athena (Savana)
 YEAR 6   Linda (Ben), Andra (Olivia)

All parents are automatically part of FOW PTA and are welcome to AGM’s and encouraged to support PTA as members. All support, no matter what, is welcome!


Latest News

The FOW team are starting to look at a calendar of events for 2017/2018 so if you or your child/ren have any ideas that you would like to share with us then please contact either your class rep or email FOW directly.  So, if you think you can help or have any great ideas then please get in touch with us via email ( or speak to your class rep.

Join in the fun and get involved!
Being part of FOW is a great way to keep in touch with the school community and make some friends along the way!  It’s very informal and having a sense of humour is crucial at our meetings! We are all busy parents but by supporting FOW, it is your chance to be actively involved in some of the decisions that make a positive contribution to our all of our children and their school lives.