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03 March 2021

Good morning Holly and Hazel


I hope you had a lovely day being creative and making your favourite insect with recycling materials. Please bring them into school when you return as part of your show and tell. Miss Taylor has sent a list of when your show and tell date is, please see class messages on Dojo. 


Today we will continue our topic of minibeast, we will look at worms and their life cycle, have a go, and make your own wormery. For our creative activity, I would like you to listen to the song  'There is a worm at the bottom of the garden'. Afterwards, I would like you to look at the life cycle of a worm and then make your own Wormery and see how the worms tunnel through the soil. 

In maths, I would like you to try the minibeast counting sheet and afterwards have a go at the measuring activity sheet, ordering the worms from longest to shortest. 

There is a minibeast pencil control sheet to practise your fine motor skills getting ready for early writing. 

In literacy can you watch the story of 'Mad about Minibeast' learning about all the different insects.   I have also added some optional worm colouring sheets for you to try. Lastly, can you take part in the Cosmic Yoga session of Arnold The Ant linking to our minibeast topic. 


Each day we will continue to follow the school timetable including activities in Maths, English, Creative, and Physical for you to complete. Plus some optional fun additional activities on the daily pages Optional Activities Star. 


Physical Education - 0900 

(A) P.E with Joe Wicks, he will be live from 9.00 am every day on YouTube. Alternatively, you can some of the P.E Challenges, links are on the 'P.E. Star' on daily star pages. Dont forget it is our yoga session today. I have included a lovely journey with Arnorld The Ant session below to link with minibeaasts. We will do some form of exercise each day as it is important to get some form of exercise and is all so great for our well-being. 


Maths - Links below

(A) Complete the minibeast counting to 10 to consolidate your learning of one-to-one counting.

(N2)  Extension challenge have a go at ordering the worms from shortest to longest. 


Literacy - Links below

(A)Listen to the lovely story of 'Mad About Minibeasts' linking to our topic Creepy Crawly Calypso.


Topic Minibeast- Links below

(A) Listen and learn the song 'There is a worm at the bottom of the garden'.

(A) Watch the video all about worms. 

(A) Look and discuss with your child the worm life cycle then can you make a wormery of your own. Instructions on how to make your own wormery are below. 

(A) Go on a minibeast hunt, see if you can find any minibeasts on your walk or in your garden. 


Cosmic Yoga - Links below

Take part in the Arnold The Ant Cosmic Yoga session linking to our minibeast theme today. Have fun!


Extension work and fun creative activities - See 'Optional Activities Star' on the weekly page.


Please note from now activities with (N2) in front of them are for the children going to Reception. These activities will extend their previous learning and are adapted for their age and stage of development.  (N1) activities will be for the new children who will be staying in Nursery for another year. If there is an (A) against the activity means this will be for all the children to learn and enjoy. 


Please send pictures of the work you have completed via the Dojo portfolio and I can award Dojos for this. Please message me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.
Mrs Zammattio


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