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ASPIRE Animal Stories

ASPIRE Animal Stories 

As a school, Warrender are going to be creating a book to show all the qualities we represent.  The book will consist of six stories that are all linked to the six different qualities in ASPIRE. Each aspire quality will also be linked to an animal that your story will be based on. 


Achieve - Giraffe (Tristan and Louie)

Support - Bee (Shefalee)

Pride - Lion (Nayna)

Inspire - Peacock (Sophie)

Respect - Elephant (Holly)

Enjoy - Dolphin (Ben and Rianna) 


We would like you to help us create a school book by writing a story based on the ASPIRE quality and animal that we have chosen for you above. 

The chosen animal must be the main character in your story and they must represent the quality they are linked to. Your story can be about the animal teaching other characters how to be more like them and their quality or it can be about your animal trying to become more like the quality they are linked to. E.g. The Giraffe could teach another character how to achieve something they have been wanting to achieve or the giraffe could achieve something they have been wanting to achieve. 


We would still like you to follow the Story Tellers grid, ensuring you are including all the grammar elements and writing it over a three week period, sending it to me to be marked after each section. We also need illustrations to go with your story so please ensure you complete activities from the creative part of the grid too. 


Certain children in Year 5 will also be writing stories linked to the animals and qualities of ASPIRE. The best story written for each animal will be chosen and will feature in our school book. 


Any questions please send me a message on dojo.

Good luck and happy writing!


Mrs Heyne