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Good morning all and welcome to your last day of working before the end of the Spring term. What a lovely surprise it was to receive your video last night.  Thank you to everyone for putting it together and for your kind message.  It is lovely to see you all on the video smiling and having fun and yes it did make us cry a little!   


Thanks also for the great work yesterday.  Please check the marking comments Mrs Walsh and I have given you on your work on Purple Mash and the pieces you have sent us on Class Dojo.  We have awarded Dojos for the writing and topic work we have received this week, either on Purple Mash or through the Class Dojo Portfolio.


Maths today

 Lesson 5 thousants as decimals

 Mathletics  - decimals to fractions


Purple mash

Chapter 6 of our book with the online quiz.  As we did last week, please write a book review, you can do this on Purple Mash.  Please complete both sections, what the story is about and your thoughts on the book.  Don't forget to give it a star rating and say who you would recommend the book to.  Judging by the high quality of work you have produced, my guess is you really enjoyed the book. Any suggestions for our book after the holidays to be sent by Dojo please.    


Writing; Aboriginal Dream Story about an animal of your choice is due in today.  Read the stories in the weekly star for ideas and format. We are also finishing our topic work on Australia so if there are any tasks you have done that you want to send us please do so. Your  art work has been amazing. Please keep them to bring into school when we return. 


There is no homework for the Eater break but you will see we have added an Easter Star that has some fun activities to do if you would like to


Have a relaxing break with your family.  We miss you and are so proud of the work you have completed over the last two weeks. Don't forget to say thank you to your family members at home who have helped you too. 


Mrs Close and Mrs Walsh