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Friday Wk 1

Friday maths, solving problems using line graphs

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For English I would like you to continue with the great work you have been doing in class this week on the Iron Man.  Watch the opening of the The Iron Man again  and make notes. on the appearance and personality of the Iron Man. Please write a paragraph or two describing the Iron Man  using the powerful vocabulary and literacy techniques we have learnt about this week, similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.  Try to capture his personality as well as his appearance in your description. You can handwrite your work or complete it on word.  I would like to mark it so please upload it to your class dojo portfolio. 

In Music we are studying the famous piece of music, The Planets by Gustav Holst.  What do we know about this British composer?  Complete the reading comprehension below to find out about his life.

ACE it Challenge, what can you find out about the piece of music The Planets?  


PSHE; Celebrating Differences


In our PSHE lesson last Friday we completed our culture wheels and learnt a lot about each other.  We recognised the importance of celebrating differences and using opportunities to learn about each others beliefs and cultural traditions. 

This afternoon I would like you to reflect on the lesson last week and write down the following;

1. 3 or more  things that you learnt about children in your class that you didn't already know. 

2. What you would like to know more about?

3.  Consider this scenario.

A child tells another child that at lunchtime that their food smells disgusting. How can you change the conversation so that it is a learning opportunity and not a conflict situation?  

We will discuss and share your thoughts and ideas when we are back in school.