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Friday 18th December



End of term reflection activity.

It has been a busy and challenging term, but you have all achieved so much with the progress you have made with your reading writing and maths and the new knowledge you have gained through our topic work.  You have learnt to have a go at difficult activities, adapted to home learning, supported your class mates and shown kindness and empathy  to each other. You should be very proud of all of these achievements.

Using our ASPIRE values, think about everything you have done this term in year 5 and note down your key memories.  (what you have achieved, how you have supported others, what you are particularly proud of etc) When you have done this do something fun to celebrate.  We would love to see your ideas and photos of you enjoying yourself! Below is a slide show of our lesson with the oreos last Friday, thought you might like to see them. (Christmas jumpers look great!) 


Maths -


Task 1 - Watch the video clip on 'Special Delivery' and answer the multi-step questions. Each question is explained so don't forget to pause each question and have a go yourself. There is also a powerpoint to follow if you can not or don't want to watch the video. 

Friday Maths - Special Delivery

Still image for this video

Phases of the Moon with Oreos

Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Find an item at home (it can be the garden as well) for every letter of the alphabet. Even better if it is linked to Christmas. 1 point for every letter (2 points if it's linked to Christmas). Good luck. I have started one off below to give you some ideas. Give yourself a time limit - 15 mins?