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Friday 22nd January

English - 


1. Using the feedback on your work and the checklist and magpie ideas from your class mates in the PowerPoint, edit and improve your description of Fagin's Den.

2. Read the next chapter of Oliver Twist on the PowerPoint. 

Send in your final version via your Dojo portfolio and we will put it on our class page for your class mates to read. 


2.  Read Chapter 5 of the Secret Agent Grandpa and complete the online quiz on Purple Mash. The remaining 2 chapters of the book will be set next week. Please use some time today to get up to date on your Purple mash activities if you have any outstanding.  If you are up to date, why not have a  look at your class mates work in our Victorian star on our Willow Class page then send someone a message to tell them what you like about it. 




Don't forget to log onto Purple Mash and complete the Spelling test for this week (Spring 1 Week 3)


Maths -  Group 1


 1 - Watch the video and answer questions on 'Calculate perimeter’, pause the video and have a go at each question. Don't forget to tick & Fix your work. 


2 - Watch and complete the greater depth maths questions on the zoom lesson below with Mrs Walsh. Pause each question, have a go and tick and fix your work. Please send in your Greater depth maths work, remember to explain the answer in detail using equations and number sentences to explain why you agree or disagree etc. Just like you would in class. Don't forget to use mathematical terminology! 


Maths -  Group 2


 1 - Watch the video and answer questions on 'Subtract lengths’. Don't forget to tick & Fix your work. Find the worksheets for the lesson below


2 - Complete the individual Mathletics tasks that have been set on your account. 


Music - Oliver The Musical

Watch the film clip from the musical Oliver, with the song by Oliver and Dodger, "Consider Yourself." I have uploaded the lyrics too.

1.  What is your view of the song?  Why do you like/dislike it?

2.  What does it tell us about friendship? In a few sentences, explain why you are a good friend. 

Send in your responses via your Dojo portfolio. 





Group 1 Calculate perimeter

Still image for this video

Group 2 Subtract lengths

Still image for this video

Greater Depth Questions with Mrs Walsh

Still image for this video

English; edit and improve your story then read chapter 10