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Today, please log onto Mathletics and complete dividing by 8. 


For reading today, please log on to purple mash, read chapter 5 and complete the book review activity. These will be set in the 2do section. Please use the ‘think about’ questions to help you write the review. You can write it into your orange books or on a piece of paper or complete this activity online.


Today, begin your 5th task from the activity grid on Spain. This activity grid can be found in the Weekly Activities star. Don’t forget over the week to complete the SPAG mat and writing task too at some point this week! Use the ‘help sheet’ that is on the Hornbeam webpage to help you with the grammar activities.


9am every morning why not take part in physical activity with The Body Coach who will be live streaming activities for primary children via You Tube!


Have fun today! 


Miss Wardlaw and Mrs Brown