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Friday 5th February



Mental Health Week  Task: Before you start work today, or when you have finished your work, why not go for a walk and see how many birds you can find. Click on the link below to find out more from the BBC on their live lessons.

The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 - Your biography on Mary Seacole or Florence Nightingale 


2 - PSHE- A poster to spread the word on how to keep your body and mind healthy and a helping heart to reflect on how you can help yourself and others. 

English - 


1 -  Use your plan and the features checklist to write up your biography.  As well as my feedback on your plan, there are some plans from your class mates below to look at.

You are writing in the past tense but don't worry too much about using the past perfect and past progressive tenses.  You will find that if you try to write an interesting account than you will naturally use them. Please read your work aloud to edit and improve it as we would do in class and ask someone in your house to read it too. 

 Please upload your final version to your Class Dojo Portfolio. 

2.   Read the final chapter of Pit Boys and complete the online quiz. 


Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


Complete the following tasks that have been set for you on Mathletics on Area and Perimeter:

1 - Calculate perimeter of squares and rectangles

2 - Perimeter detectives 1

3 - Area, compound figures

4 - End of Topic Test


Topic - PSHE


Follow the power point based on Mental Health Week - Express Yourself.

1 - Complete the two mini discussion task with a partner or someone at home.

2 - Complete the two main tasks: 

Spreading the Word - A poster to spread the word on how to keep your mind and body healthy!

Helping Hearts - Fill the helping heart with ways you can help yourself and others think positively


Biography Plan; magpie time! Thank you Artem, Siena and Amber.

Additional activities linked to Mental Health Week

Close your eyes and listen to a song below or you could listen to your own choice of song. Next, listen to the song once more, this time whilst painting or drawing. You do not have to draw or a paint an actual picture, it could be lines, swirls, dots, soft/hard/quick/slow brush strokes of all different colours. For example, if the music is going quickly you could do really quick lines, if the music is starting and stopping, you could draw some dots. What does your art piece look like at the end? Did you find this activity relaxing? You could compare your pictures by completing the activity listening to a fast song or a slow song. 

Some pieces of music: Beethoven - Für Elise Nessun Dorma Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana") KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey The Beatles- Help