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Can you make a cosy reading den ready for your storytime? 

Can you listen to your grown up reading you a story? Can you answer some comprehension questions about how the character may be feeling? Can you now retell the story? Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.

Also, listen to some storytimes on Cbeebies. What was your favourite part of the story? 

Can you practice your sounds and write some simple words? You could even go on a sound hunt around the house! Focus on some special friends that you may find tricky too. Play the Phonics Play game. Have a look at our Phonics section on our class page for more resources.  Listen to our Tricky Words song, can you write any tricky words down? 

Listen to some relaxing music, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Touch your nose when breathing in and rainbow out. Hold your tummy this time... Feel your tummy getting bigger as you breathe out and smaller as you breathe in.

Search on YouTube Cosmic Yoga. Can you copy the Yoga teacher?  

This week we are learning about being a good friend. Can you make a poster of all of the things you can do to be an amazing friend?