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Good morning everyone,

It was so lovely to see you all yesterday on Zoom and hear about the books you have been enjoying.


For your morning starter today, can you log on to Edshed and practice your spellings. There is also a grammar quiz set for you to complete on there too.  


English- Today can you edit your writing first,  then there is a comprehension on Skara Brae with some VIPERS questions for you. The answers for the comprehension are also attached so don't forget to check your work when you have finished. 


Maths- Group 1 you are finding the change in your maths lesson today. Use the answers to see how well you have done. 


Group 2 - You are making the same amount using different coins. Don' forget to use the answers for self assessment. 


D.T- Today you will be designing a Stone Age settlement from either the Paleolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic period. You will need to draw your design and think about the materials you can use to make it next week. 


PSHE- How can you be a positive learner? Watch the video then draw yourself achieving something you really had to work hard for. Use the word bank to think of some positive statements too. 


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Group 1 Maths

Group 2 Maths


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