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Well done everyone, you have made it through your third week of online learning! 

You are all doing such an amazing job with the work and I know it's not the same as being in school but hopefully the zooms are making up for that a little bit.


I have included your activities for today below. Today you will be doing a morning starter, Whole Class Reading, Spellings, PSHE, Music and PE. I have also  included additional activities at the bottom of the page for you to complete if you have any extra time. 


If you have any questions about the activities please message me on Dojo. If you are doing any other activities at home, please send those through too!


Have a great day and a great weekend!

Mrs Heyne 

Maths Starter 1 or 2 - Choose one of the starters to complete

Work through the power point above for Whole Class Reading. You will need to read chapter 19 then complete quick questions  1 and 2 which are based on our Reading Vipers. You will then need to read chapter 20 as your main task is based on this chapter. Your main activity for today is to create an advert based on an object you learn about in chapter 20! I have included all the details in the power point, with options on how to present your advert. Enjoy!


I have set you a spelling quiz on Purple mash for you to complete. It is the same quiz you would normally do for homework. 

If you have not been set any spellings please complete activities on Wordshark. Those of you who will be completing activities on Wordshark, I have sent your logins through to you via Dojo.

PE - Warm up

PE - Activities

Complete the warm up I have saved at the top! Then choose from any of the three activities I have set, you may choose all three if your wish!

Don't forget to check with an adult at home before completing any of the activities as some of them involve throwing socks around!!


Additional Activities - Optional! 


Purple Mash 

I have set a story on Purple Mash for you to read a chapter a day and complete the quiz that goes with the chapter. As this book is 7 chapters, this book will continue in to next week. 



I have set daily activities on Mathletics for you. Throughout the week you have been set five activities but you only need to complete one per day.