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Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy Speech by Ben


I believe I would make an excellent Head Boy because I have all the qualities needed to succeed in this role. I am responsible, a good role model and I'm confident when I'm talking to both adults and children.


I have already shown these skills and responsibilities when I was voted for the School Council in Year 4, Bank and Buddying in Year 5. Since the start of Year 6, I have also assisted parents for Meet the Teacher and been chosen by Mrs Brown to help in assembly with the slides and music.


The reason I have put myself forward for the role of Head Boy is because it gives me an opportunity to prove myself. I feel that this would be a good stepping stone to Secondary School. Thank you for using your precious time to listen to me, I will make the school a better place.


Becoming Head Girl by Nayna


I am asking you today to consider me as a worthy candidate for the position of head girl.

I have been a pupil at Warrender Primary School since the age of four years and cannot quite believe that this is my final  year! To become head girl would be a great honour and a personal achievement. I believe that I am someone who lives the school values of ASPIRE.


A for Achieve

One of my proudest achievements at Warrender has been to start the first ever lunch time maths club. It has been a great success and continues to be so. although it can be challenging to manage students and plan lessons; as Marie Curie once said 'The way of progress is neither swift nor easy.' I keep to my goal which is to plant the seeds of ASPIRE and watch students bloom.


S for Support

I have been fortunate to have had the roles of Warrender Banker, class representative for the school council and a buddy to support other students when they may be having a difficult time. I share with them my belief which is to not let others discourage you or tell you that you cannot do it. 


P for Pride

I take pride in my work and how I present myself as a Warrender pupil. For me, it is important to be  a good role model for others. As head girl, I would wish to celebrate their moments of pride so that they can see that their efforts are recognised.


I for Inspire

I believe that hard and determination will take you to your goal. I want to inspire others to not fear moments that may be difficult as the best can come from them.


R for Respect

People who know me would describe me as someone who respects teachers and pupils alike. I truly do treat others how I would like to be treated. Because of this, many students often as me for advice and help, which I'm only too happy to do.


E for Enjoy

Learning should be fun and for me it is! I have been lucky to be involved in all aspects of Warrender school life, from positions of responsibility to being an active member of school clubs, such as Warrender Bank, French, Spanish, dance, art and many more. It is important to have a wide variety of experiences. As head girl, I would encourage others to remember that you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


Thank you