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Lesson 4

Please watch the PowerPoint and discuss what appeals to you when you buy a breakfast bar. Look at the different breakfast bars and discuss the colours, pictures, and ingredients.


Task to make and design your own cereal bar box. 

Step 1 - First discuss with your partner what colours you are going to use and what picture you are going to draw. How are you going to make it appealing for people to buy.

Step 2 - Next use one of the planning sheets below to plan out your ideas of what you want your packaging to look like. 

Step 3 - Then transfer your finished design onto the cuboid template. 

Step 4 - Finally stick the template onto some card then cut around the template. Fold along the dotted lines and tabs and stick together to form your cuboid. For this step you may need some grown-up help to cut out the template and stick it together.


Have fun designing your own breakfast bar packaging.