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Monday 4th January

Good morning Hazel and Holly class

Welcome back, I hope you are all well and had a happy Christmas and New Year with your families. 

We are sad that we cannot welcome you back today but we have uploaded lots of fun activities that we would be completing in class. Our new topic is People Who Help Us, which I am sure you will all enjoy!  Each week this term, we will focus on a different service that helps us. This week on Wednesday we will look at the Fire service. 


This week we will also be looking at the season of Winter and sharing some of our favourite stories with you.  There will be some fun activities for you to explore the changes in our environment. Today, watch the Winter PowerPoint and afterwards try the outdoor challenge. 


Each day we will continue to follow the school timetable including activities in Maths, English, Creative and Physical for you to complete. Plus some optional fun additional activities.

Please send pictures of the work you have completed via the Dojo portfolio and I can award Dojos for this. Please message me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a lovely Monday
Mrs Zammattio



Can you watch the lovely story of Jack Frost (link below)

Here are some questions to think about and answer while you are listening to the story.

What are the strange patterns the boy can see on the window?

What signs of winter can you see?

How many snowmen did they build and why?

What is your favourite part of the story?

I hope you enjoy the story, now see if you can see any signs of Jack Frost in your garden or on a walk. 


Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

A story to support Reception Workbook 4, or just for enjoyment :)

Topic - Winter

Please watch the winter PowerPoint and discuss what you noticed with an adult. Next time you go on a walk see what changes you can see in the environment. Now have a go at the winter maths outdoor challenge sheets.


Today, we will be continuing our number a week and looking at number 6 all week.  Please watch the PowerPoint on number 6 followed by the NumberBlocks video.  See if you can find and count out 6 objects from your home or outside independently.