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Good morning, 


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a fun weekend making snowmen and having snowball fights! :) Welcome to week 4 of remote learning. Below are your lessons and activities for today.

Phonics lesson: 




Today's focus sound is 'i-e' - nice smile. Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today. 


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound-


Video 3: writing words with the sound-

English lesson:


Today, we will be reading the rest of our story to find out if Sunny finds his 'perfect' place to live! 


Please watch the remainder of the video of Emily Gravett reading the story: Or, if you are reading the story at home please read to the end. 


After this, please then read through the PDF lesson presentation with your child. We are going to explore the reasons why this certain place is Sunny's 'perfect' place to live. There is then a worksheet that the children need to complete, which is saved below. If you are unable to print it please create your own version on some blank / lined paper. 


Maths lesson: 

This week in maths, the children will be starting a new block of learning all about numbers within 50. We will using the White Rose videos and the worksheets. For today, we will be recognising numbers up to 50 and learning how to count in tens and then counting into ones to find totals. There is a White Rose worksheet to complete as well as an optional challenge worksheet too. These can be found below the video. 

Spr1.5.2 - Numbers to 50.mp4

Still image for this video

Science lesson:


Today we will be learning all about animal families that are vertebrates, in Lesson 4 of our topic on the Animal Kingdom. Thinking back to last week's lesson, I wonder if you can remember a few animal families that are invertebrates? Challenge question: Can you tell me what vertbertare and invertebrates actually means? 


Lesson 4: “Which animal families are vertebrates?” 


Please watch the lesson video clip attached above, you may need a piece of paper and a pencil for this, so you are able to write down your answers if / when asked to. (Please don't worry about printing the worksheet part of it.) Then, when you have watched the video there is also a quiz to complete. Maybe you could send us a picture of your score so I can see how much you have learnt. Enjoy everyone! 


Good luck everyone. I hope you all have a nice day. 


Miss Impey :)