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Phonics lesson:


Every morning we will be uploading 3 short video clips for the children to watch and engage with for phonics. These videos will include: recapping and practice of previously taught sounds, teaching and focus on a new sound, and then some focus on writing the sound out within words / sentences. Please find the links to these clips below. The children will need a whiteboard or pen and paper to engage fully with these lessons. 


Today's focus sound is 'ea' - cup of tea. Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today. 


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound-


Video 3: writing words with the sound-

English lesson:


Today, we are beginning to look at a new story! 


We are going to explore the front cover of our new book and think about some questions we could ask in order to find out more about our new story. We won't be reading any of the story today, we are saving this for tomorrow!


Please read through the PDF lesson presentation with your child. Then, there is a worksheet to complete below.

Maths lesson: 

This week in maths, the children will be consolidating their understanding of addition and subtraction. They will be revising various strategies and also learning how to solve word problems. 


For today, the children need to watch the videos presented by Mrs Ormerod that can be found on the previous page under the new star tab 'Monday 18th Jan Addition Strategies'. The worksheet and the optional challenge sheet can also be found under this star tab.

Good luck!


Science lesson:


Today we will be learning all about animal families that are Invertebrates, in Lesson 3 of our topic on the Animal kingdom. I wonder if you can remember what the difference is between animals that are vertebrates and invertebrates, from our lesson last week?


Lesson 2: “Which animal families are invertebrates?”


Please watch the lesson video clip attached above, you may need a piece of paper and a pencil for this, so you are able to write down your answers if / when asked to. (Please don't worry about printing the worksheet part of it.) Then, when you have watched the video there is also a quiz to complete. Maybe you could send us a picture of your score so I can see how much you have learnt. Enjoy everyone!