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Good morning, 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Below are your lessons and activities for today.




Phonics lesson:


Every morning we will be uploading 3 short video clips for the children to watch and engage with for phonics. These videos will include: recapping and practice of previously taught sounds, teaching and focus on a new sound, and then some focus on writing the sound out within words / sentences. Please find the links to these clips below. The children will need a whiteboard or pen and paper to engage fully with these lessons. 


Today's focus sound is 'ur' - nurse with a purse. Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today.  We are recapping this sound that we did a few weeks ago. 


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound-


Video 3: writing words with the sound-

If your child is finding the set three sounds a little tricky, please go back to set two and recap these. Repetition is the key so start back at 'ay - May I play?' Link is below or under the Phonic star on previous page.

Purple Mash Reading Task

The new story for this week on Purple Mash is called 'Anna and the Third Leaf'. Please read the chapter for today and complete the activity set in the 2dos. Please feel free to read this chapter to your child and then encourage them to complete the activity as independently as possible.

English lesson:

In today’s lesson we will be focusing on the key reading skill: retrieval. We will be reading and exploring the next page in our story “Toys In Space” and then the children will be retrieving information in order to answer some questions. 


Please watch the lesson video below (presented by Miss Impey) and then answer the 5 retrieval questions. There is also a superhero challenge task (further explained in video) that they can do if they wish, which is just a verbal discussion, but this is not compulsory. 


There is no worksheet for the task today, the children can just look at the questions (PowerPoint slides are saved as a PDF below) and record their answers, in full sentences, onto some lined paper. 

Lesson video

Still image for this video

Maths lesson: 

We are continuing with our maths topic 'Length and Height'. For today's maths lesson, the White Rose video introduces the children to the idea of using a ruler. Please watch the video and then complete the practical activity that is explained at the end of the video. For the practical activity, the children will need to use a ruler (with centimetres). If you do not have a ruler at home, I have uploaded a PDF sheet with a cut out ruler. Please follow the instructions given on the sheet in order to accurately print out this ruler. 

Lesson 1 Monday Introducing the ruler.mp4

Still image for this video

History lesson:

In today’s lesson we will be exploring how to ask questions in order to find out more about toys from the past. The children’s task following this lesson will be to think of and then ask questions to some family members, of different ages, about toys they use to play with when they were young children. 


This does not all have to be done today, the children can break this up over the course of the week. I have provided 2 worksheet templates below: one for children to write their questions onto and the other for them to record answers / important information they find out. However, they do not have to use these and can just record everything onto lined paper if this is easier. This will be a really effective and enjoyable way for the children to do their own research into toys of the past. 


Please watch the lesson video below (presented by Miss Impey) as everything is explained in more depth throughout, along with examples of the types of questions we are looking for the children to ask. Please make sure the children keep this work safe as we would like them to bring it into school with them next week so we can all share our findings. – '100 years of Toys' video, as mentioned in lesson video. 

Lesson video

Still image for this video