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Monday 1st February


Mental Health Week  Task: Have fun dancing to Trolls 'Can't stop this feeling' before you start any work today. 

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

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The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 - Completed multiplication wheels and the optional extension challenges. 


2 - A picture of art work using the William Morris templates focusing on symmetry. 

English - 


1 - Watch Mrs Close's zoom lesson on past tenses.  You will need a notebook and pen for the lesson.  If you would like to revise tenses before the lesson, watch the BBC video clip below. 

2.  Read chapter 3 of Pit Boys and complete the online quiz.  

3. Watch Miss Noel' s reading of chapters 17 and 18 of Oliver Twist.  You need to watch these before we continue the story in our English lesson tomorrow. 


Spellings -


Practice the spellings for Spring 1, Week 5 - focusing on homophones, using the worksheet below. Complete the spelling test on Friday (this is set as a 2-do for Friday). 


Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


We are moving onto Multiplication and division. For today;


 1 - Watch the lesson on Multiplication with Mrs Walsh, and complete the multiplication wheel and optional extension challenge. Worksheets for both can be found below. Please send in your maths work today via Class Dojo. 


2 - Play the maths multiplication game 'Hit the button'. Set yourself a score and see if you can beat it. Work up to play mixed tables up to 12. 


Topic = Art


Watch the Zoom lesson with Mrs Walsh to explain your art task on William Morris, using symmetry. You can use either templates or draw free hand. Please log off the computer, listen to music to complete your art work.  Please send in your art work today via Class Dojo. 

Recap on tenses, click on the link below to access the BBC video, how to use tenses.

English, Past tenses

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Apologies for the abrupt finish at the end of part 1, but the file was too big so I had to cut it! Watch part 2 for practice activities on past tenses.

Past tenses part 2

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PowerPoint from Zoom lesson

Maths: Groups 1 & 2

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Art - William Morris

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Oliver Twist

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Chapter 18

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