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Monday 20th September

Good Morning,


Firstly we hope that you are all feeling better and we look forward to seeing you all back in the classroom as quick as you can. We have set some work for you, if you are feeling well and up to completing it. 


The following tasks have been set for you;




To explain the features of a balanced argument.


Task 1 - Watch the video using the link below, and makes notes on the type of language that has been used. For example; for, against, on the other hand, however.


Task 2 - Using the WAGOLL below on Should violence be banned from TV, write your own argument on 'should homework be banned from schools'. 


Use the structure below to help;


An engaging introduction with a question to introduce the topic

Paragraphs for the argument, with evidence to support ideas

Paragraphs against the argument, with evidence to support ideas

Formal, impersonal language e.g. It can be argued that…Many believe that…

Conjunctions to support ideas e.g. In addition to this, As a consequence…

Conjunctions to move to a different, opposing opinion e.g. However…Alternatively…

Conclusion to summarise (you may wish to give your opinion in this paragraph)


Purple Mash


Please read chapter 1 of Nelson Street, which is a book about the residents living on Nelson Street during World War 2. Please complete both the quiz and the open ended questions. 




Task 1 - Complete the mental maths subtractions questions 1-10 (see picture below) Can you complete all questions without using column subtraction? - Remember to use your knowledge of number bonds. 


Task 2 - Complete section A (see picture below) Questions 1-14 on 4 digit column addition and subtraction


Task 3 - Complete section A (see picture below) Questions 1-14 on 5 digit column addition and subtraction


Physical Education:


Create a 10 station fitness circuit for the class to complete when everyone is back in school. Consider stations like;


  • Sit ups,
  • Squats,
  • Burpees


Can you remember more stations that we have completed in class?


Extension - Can you name the muscles that each station will work on?




Don't forget to complete your topic grid tasks.


Please send us work on class dojo so that we can provide feedback. 




English WAGOLL 'Should violence be banned from TV'

Maths Questions, Task 1, Task 2 & Task 3