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Monday 4th January

Your tasks for today;


English -


1 - Watch Mrs Close's zoom lesson (2 parts), on an introduction to the Victorian era and chapter 1 of Oliver Twist. Complete the character activity on the final slide. 

2 - Read Chapter 1 of Cyber Crime Files on Purple Mash and complete the online quiz.


Spellings - 


Complete the Spelling activity on Purple Mash (set as a 2-do).

English part 1; Introduction to the Victorian era.

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English part 2; Oliver Twist Chapter 1

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PowerPoint from English zoom lessons


Maths -


 1 - Watch the video and answer questions on 'Factors’ using the worksheets attached below. Don't forget to tick & Fix your work.

2 - Complete the Mathletics tasks Factors


You do not need to send this work via class dojo, although if you do have any questions please do send us a message. 


Monday - Factors

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Topic - 


1 –Use the Powerpoint below to make notes on life in a Workhouse and compare this to your life. There is an introduction on slide 2 explaining the task, I have also included reflection questions throughout the Powerpoint for you to consider. You do not need to write your answers down, however we will be reflecting the information throughout our topic on Victorians. Please watch the video at the end of the Powerpoint to help give you a better understanding of what life was like in a workhouse. 


You do not need to send this work via class dojo, although you will need your notes for tomorrow's task. 


2 - Complete 1 task from the 'Home Learning' grid.