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Hello Hornbeam,

For your English today we are finishing StoneAge Boy and there are some VIPERS questions for you to answer. Watch the video and use the questions from the worksheet. If you want to use the PowerPoint I had to split it into 2 parts as it was too big to upload as 1. 

For maths you are continuing your multiplying and there is a worksheet. Try and answer as many questions as you can then use the answers to mark your work. 

There is a fitness workout for PE on the word document and videos to show some of the exercises if you are not sure. You can choose to use this or do any exercise you like. 

For ICT I have set some work on Purple Mash. There is a Stone Age activity (Hunter Gatherer to-do list), sources of light quiz and some coding where you need to change it from day to night. You can choose how many of these activities to complete. 

Have fun! 

English - VIPERS

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VIPER questions

Maths - Group 1

Maths - Group 2


PE- Workout

Ab Strengthening

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Mountain Climbers

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Tiptoe balance

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