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Roman Podcasts

In Computing for Spring 2 half term, we have been making our own podcasts about the Romans. We could choose what topic we wanted to focus on and had to plan what sound effects, facts and features we wanted to include. We were inspired by Jesel, a year 3 parent who is a podcast producer, who came in to inspire our learning and show us all the fantastic things we could include. We hope you enjoy listening!

Charlie, Jack and Kayden - Roman homes.mp3

Aanya, Lily and Sophia - Gladiators.mp3

Emilia, Mia and Esmai - Roman army.mp3

Hanna, Akshi and Ally - Ruling Romans.mp3

Isla, Nisha and Isabelle - River Tiber.mp3

Jay, Victor and Nathan - Gladiators.mp3

Joel, Abi and Annie - Roman Soldiers.mp3

Lily, Zac, Alvin, Hannah - Gladiators.mp3

Nayan and Ellis - Colloseum.mp3

Shyam. Annabel, Kaien - Romans.mp3