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26.11.2020- Maths
We are learning about distance (near, far, nearer, further, nearest, furthest.) Please find some toys/objects and you put them in a line, now space them out. Practice saying sentences including our key words. For example, the teddy is near the door or the dinosaur is the furthest away from the door etc. Can you print the metre ruler attached and put it together. Can you get the car to go really far? How far did it go? How could you make it go even further? Maybe creating a ramp? 


Can you practice your sounds and write some simple words? You could even go on a sound hunt around the house! Focus on some special friends that you may find tricky too.  Listen to our Tricky Words song, can you write any tricky words down? 

Can you play the game PhonicsPlay online? Which words are real or alien words? 

You could practice writing sentences at home. Remember to use your sounds to write your sentence. Sing our sentence song to remember that we need a capital letter and full stop.

I have attached some Phonics sheets, if you would like to complete.