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Good morning! 


Happy Thursday! It has been lovely to have all your work you have sent in, well done.  

I have included your activities for today below. Today you will be doing a morning starter, Whole Class Reading, Maths, French and SPaG. I have also  included additional activities at the bottom of the page for you to complete if you have any extra time. 


If you have any questions about the activities please message me on Dojo. If you are doing any other activities at home, please send those through too!


Remember to check the daily message to ensure you are sending through the correct two pieces of work. 


Have a great day!

Mrs Heyne 

Morning Starter

Work through the power point above for Whole Class Reading. You will need to read chapter 17 then complete the quick questions based on this chapter then do the same for chapter 18. I have also included your main activity which is based on the Reading Vipers: Vocabulary and predict. 

Maths - Group 1 Resources

Maths - Group 2 Resources

Maths Group 1 - Remember to complete the test within the 30 minutes allocated. Once you have completed your test, use the answers to mark your own work. Record your score and send it to me via dojo or portfolio. If you have made any mistakes, go over the question with someone at home or school. 


Maths Group 2 - Complete the questions in your own time with help if needed. Use the answers from groups 1's test to mark the question that are on your sheet. Send me through your score via dojo or your portfolio as well. 


Good afternoon Year 6,


Following on from learning how to ask a person’s name and introduce your name, today we are revising how to ask and say your age.


Go through the slides and practise the vocabulary.


When you get to slide 13 you need to count the candles and say the age in French, do this before you click to hear the answer!


There are two worksheets today, once completed please upload these to Mrs Heyne on Dojo.



Madame Betson.

SPaG Activities

I have set you two SPaG activities on Purple Mash for you to complete. Complete the first activity called Story Snaps, where you need to add in the punctuation to indicate the parenthesis in the sentence. Once you have completed Story snaps, have a go at Box the Verb where you will need to complete the activity based on past, present and future tense. 

Additional Activities - Optional! 


Purple Mash 

I have set a story on Purple Mash for you to read a chapter a day and complete the quiz that goes with the chapter. As this book is 7 chapters, this book will continue in to next week. 



I have set daily activities on Mathletics for you. Throughout the week you have been set five activities but you only need to complete one per day.