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Good morning! 


Happy Thursday and Happy World Book Day! Your English activities today have been replaced with World Book Day Activities! 


I have included your activities for today below. Today you will be doing a morning starter, World Book Day activities, Maths, French and SPaG. I have also  included additional activities at the bottom of the page for you to complete if you have any extra time. 


If you have any questions about the activities please message me on Dojo. If you are doing any other activities at home, please send those through too!


Remember to check the daily message on the class story to ensure you are sending through the correct two pieces of work. 


Have a great day!

Mrs Heyne 

Morning Starter

World Book Day - Pig Heart Boy (Chapter 1 and 2)

In case you missed it on Tuesday - AMAAAAAZING ASSEMBLY FOR WORLD BOOK DAY


World Book Day Activities!

Happy World Book Day! 

Work your way through the Intro to World Book Day. What new things have you learnt about this years World Book Day? If you could choose, how would you celebrate World Book Day? 

Choose from some of the activities above to complete as your task today. Will you try one of the top 5 World Book Day activities? Why not go on a book scavenger hunt to find all the items trapped inside different books! If you're a great artist, try drawing a selfie of a famous character from a book! 

I have also uploaded a word search and crossword for you to complete too! Enjoy!!


Maths Group 1

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Maths Challenge

Maths Group 2

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Maths Challenge


Hi Year 6,


I hope you enjoyed revising parts of a home last week. As this is our last week I have a ‘Home’ quiz and word search for you to complete. Next week we will be learning about ‘Our Town’ and ‘High Street’.

Work through the power point, you might want some paper to scribble down your answers. Don’t go on too quickly otherwise you’ll see the answers before you have tried to work them out!

Next week, please bring in everything you have managed to complete, ready to put into your French folders.



Madame Betson.

SPaG Activities

I have set you three SPaG activities on Purple Mash for you to complete. Complete the first activity called Word Splits, where you need to complete an activity about parts of speech, Once you have completed Word Splits, have a go at George Misbehaves, where you will complete an activity about verb prefixes and The Zoo Tiger where you will complete an activity about commas. 

Additional Activities 


Purple Mash

I have set a story on Purple Mash for you to read a chapter a day and complete the quiz that goes with the chapter. As this book is 7 chapters, this book will continue in to next week. 



If you haven't already, complete the first assessment so you can then be set reading activities. Please try to complete two activities a week that will automatically be set once you have completed each activity. 



I have set daily activities on Mathletics for you. Throughout the week you have been set five activities but you only need to complete one per day.