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Today, Mrs Brown would like you to practise drawing the sound buttons under each word to help you read them. If you can read them quickly, can you challenge yourself by writing a sentence with this word in.

Purple Mash Reading Task:

Please login to purple mash and read Chapter 4 of 'Anna and the Third Leaf' and complete the activity in the 2do section.

Reading Red words

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Maths lesson: 

As it is World Book Day, our maths activity will be a little different. Two fictional characters called Blub and Zug have been given a special mission to complete on the next door planet called Glop. But before they can complete the special mission, they have a problem to solve. They need the children's help in Year 1 to solve their problem! The children need to use their maths knowledge and skills to solve the problem. There are 5 sets of clues to solve and each clue will help you solve the overall mystery. 


It is not necessary to print all the pages - the children can complete the number problems from the screen and write down their answers for each clue as they work through the mystery. There is an answers page available so the children can check if they have solved the mystery correctly. 


Good luck helping Blub and Zug!

World Book Day Activities:

Today it is WORLD BOOK DAY! There is a power point below which explore what World Book Day is and why it is so important. Please read through this and discuss it with your child. 


Most importantly today, we would like you to read your favourite story with someone at home! Make sure you talk about the story as you are reading, think about these things: 


  • What is happening in the picture? 
  • What are the characters doing? How are they feeling?
  • What do you predict will happen next? 
  • What else can you infer from the page you are reading / looking at? 


Please then also explore some of the fun activities that I have included below. You can choose however many you would like to do. Enjoy and happy reading! 


In celebration of World Book Day the teachers have recorded themselves reading a book to a different class and year group. Watch the video below and enjoy listening to Miss Spooner reading to you!

Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary

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Written by Simon Bartram, published by templar books