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Today, Mrs Brown would like you to practise drawing the sound buttons under each word to help you read them. If you can read them quickly, can you challenge yourself by writing a sentence with this word in.

Phonics- Spotting special friends in words

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Purple Mash Reading Task:

Please login to purple mash and read Chapter 4 of 'Ned and the Three Bears' and complete the activity in the 2do section.

Maths lesson: 


The focus of today's lesson is to subtract in different ways. Read through the lesson presentation and complete the worksheet below. There is an additional challenge sheet for today - feel free to try it if you would like!

Good luck!

English lesson:


In today’s English lesson we are going to read and explore the next few pages in our story. We will then be focusing on using some ambitious vocabulary (really amazing adjectives) to describe the setting. This will be in preperation for a descripitve piece of writing that we are going to do tomorrow. 


Before watching the lesson presentation below, please continue watching the Author ‘Emily Gravett’ read some more of the story. Please start where we finished yesterday at 7:10 and then stop at 13:15.  Meerkat Mail- read by Emily Gravett: . If you have this story at home and would prefer to read it yourselves, then this is of course fine too… but remember to stop at page 20. 


Please then watch the lesson video below, presented by Miss Impey. The worksheet for after the lesson is also saved below. As explained in the lesson presentation, here is the link the 'Kid Thesaurus', should you wish to explore it -

English lesson video

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Geography lesson: 


The focus of today's Geography lesson is to identify and locate where different animals live in the world. The children will need to watch the lesson video attached below (presented by Miss Impey) and then complete the activity after (this is explained in the video).


Geography lesson video

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