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Thursday 23rd September

Good morning,


Here are your activities for today;


Purple Mash - Read Chapters 3 & 4 of Nelson Street and answer both multiple choice quiz and open questions. 


Mathletics -


Task 1 - Complete all outstanding mathletics tasks

Task 2 - Complete the activities set today;


Mrs Brown's Maths Group - Nearest 1000, Comparing numbers, Nearest whole number

Mrs Walsh & Mrs Close Maths Group - Comparing integers, adding integers, and end of topic test 


English - Using your notes from this week, write your balanced argument on;


Should Tucky and Davey help the soldiers? 


See below for more examples of compare and contrast language that you should look to apply into your balanced argument. 


Example of how to structure your argument;


Opening paragraph: explain the argument, how did the soldiers end up on the moor, why have Davey & Ducky gone looking for them. Keep it a brief summary! 


Paragraph 1: explain reasons for helping the German soldiers (Tucky's point of view) - give examples from the book. 


Paragraph 2: explain reasons for not helping the German soldiers (David's point of view) - give examples from the book. 


Summary: summarise for and against. 


RE - Read through the powerpoint below on 'The Foundation of Judaism', and answer questions on how might Sarah answer. There is also a reflection section at the end of the powerpoint;

  • What other questions did you think of that you would like to ask Sarah?

  • Do you have any questions that you would like to ask Abraham?

  • What qualities do you think Abraham might have had that Jewish people believe made God choose him to be 'the father of the people'?


Compare & Contrast