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Thursday 25 February

Good morning Hazel and Holly class,


I hope you had a lovely day yesterday in the lovely spring sunshine and got creative drawing or painting a spring flower up close as part of our still life art. I have already seen some of your lovely photos, keep sending them and I can award you with 15 Dojos. 


Today we will continue with our spring activities. Can you watch the video which explains the story of the music in relation to spring. Afterwards, draw or paint to the music letting it inspire you as we have done previously. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and upbeat music.  In maths, we will continue with subitising and recognising number patterns, play the dice game and make your own dice.  For our RWI phonics today we are going to re-cap our sounds learnt with speedy sounds and practise writing your sounds learnt in the correct pre-cursive formation.  All videos are on the RWI Star on the weekly pages.  In Literacy, Miss Taylor will read the lovely story of Mouse's First Spring. Afterwards, can you try and answer the five questions below to test your memory and recall. Lastly, try our dance and movement session. I have added some of the children's favourite songs, it is great fun and good for our mental wellbeing.


Each day we will continue to follow the school timetable including activities in Maths, English, Creative, and Physical for you to complete. Plus some optional fun additional activities.


Physical Education - PE with Joe Wicks - 0900 Optional

(A)To access this go to P.E with Joe Wicks on YouTube. Alternatively, today is our dance and movement day, I have added some dance and movement songs to have fun with below. If you want to try something different there are also lots of P.E. challenges and ideas on the 'P.E Star' on weekly pages. 


Maths - Links below

(A) Play the subitising dice PowerPoint from 1-5.

(N2) Make your own dice to consolidate your recognition of recognising number patterns. 



(N2) Listen to the speedy sounds again on the RWI star and then practise writing your sounds using the pre-cursive writing sheets to learn the correct formation. 


Literacy - Links below

(A)Listen to Miss Taylor read the lovely story of  'Mouse's First Spring'. Afterwards, please answer the five questions to test your memory and recall. 

1.What animals did the mouse meet?

2.What was the first animal that the mouse and his mummy met?

3.What noises do the animals in the story make?

4.What happened after the mouse saw the flower?

5.Who gave mouse a cuddle at the end of the story?


Creative- Drawing or painting to music - Links below

(A) Inspired by previous drawing and painting to music, I thought you could listen to some classical music by Vivaldi Four Seasons Concerto to link with our learning of spring.  Please watch and listen to the music once as it tells the story of the music. Next, listen to the song once more, this time whilst painting or drawing. Please send me pictures of your masterpieces and I can send you 15  Dojos. 


Dance and Movement -Links below

(A) Join in and copy the movements to the songs Awesome Rainbows and Spring Dance. 

Dancing is so important and links with our mental wellbeing,  as it bolsters physical and mental health by helping to improve posture and flexibility, lift mood, and ease anxiety. It's also a fun activity that sharpens the mind, increases aerobic power and strength.


Optional Activities - Please look at weekly activities on 'Optional Activities Star'


Please note from now on the activities with (N2) in front of them are for the children going to Reception. These activities will extend their previous learning and are adapted for their age and stage of development.  (N1) activities will be for the new children who will be staying in Nursery for another year. If there is an (A) against the activity this will be for all children to learn and enjoy. 


Please send pictures or messages of the work you have completed via the Dojo portfolio and I can award Dojos for their home learning.  Please message me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a fun and creative day. 
Mrs Zammattio

RWI - Phonics - Speedy Sounds and Fred Talk
Literacy - Spring Story

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Spring Topic Creative to Music

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Dance and Movement

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Awesome Rainbows (Dance-A-Long)

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