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Thursday 25th February

The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 -  Your draft of your diary description of Alex in the car crusher. 


2 - Your notes from the science lesson, an introduction to Forces. 

English - 


1 - Watch Mrs Close's zoom lesson on using a descriptive hand to plan and write a diary description of Alex hiding  in the car crusher at the scrapyard. 

2.  Please continue with Chapter 4 of The Snatch on Purple Mash and complete the online quiz.   



Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


 1 - Watch the zoom lesson with Mrs Walsh on completing SATs style questions on addition and subtraction. You will need a pen and piece of paper to work through the questions one at a time. Make sure you pause the video and give yourself as much time as you need before Mrs Walsh goes through the answers. 


Topic - Science-Forces

Watch the lesson from Oak Academy on an introduction to Forces.  You will need a pen or pencil, a coloured pencil, a ruler and paper to complete the activities during the lesson. 

Maths Part 1

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Part 2

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Diary description; Alex in the Car crusher

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PowerPoint from Zoom Lesson

Descriptive hand to help me plan

Checklist to help me improve my writing

What are Forces?