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Thursday 28th January

Good morning Hazel and Holly class,

Today is our creative day at school. I would like you all to make a British bird out of recycling materials, have a look at the RSPB sheet attached today.  This is part of our art challenge and is worth  15 Dojos and you have the whole weekend to have a try at making something. In maths, we will continue to talk about patterns. Please talk about the different types of patterns you can see around us and point out patterns in the home and outside. 


Physical Education - PE with Joe Wicks - 0900 Optional

(A)To access this go to P.E with Joe Wicks on YouTube. Alternatively, today is our dance and movement day, I have added some dance and movement songs to have fun with below. 


Maths - Links below

(A) Please try the train coloured pattern PowerPoint interactive game to consolidate your learning of colours and patterns.

(A) Watch a short video about Grover finding patterns.

Literacy -Links below

(A) I will read the lovely story of  'The Tale Of Two Feathers', I hope you enjoy it.

(N2)Listen carefully to the story and see if you can answer the five questions below testing your memory and recall. 

1. What does nocturnal mean and can you name some nocturnal animals?

2. What did Ottis Owl find that sent him on a hunt?

3.  What did Kia find while out flying?

4. What does diurnal mean and can you name some diurnal animals?

5. What was your favourite part of the story?


Creative - 

Art Challenge - Can you watch the PowerPoint and video to make a British bird with Miss Taylor out of recycling materials linking with the Big Bird Hunt this weekend.  There is a poster attached of different British birds for ideas, do not print just view on the screen.  Please send us your photos by Monday end of the day and you will be awarded 15 Dojos.


Dance and Movement -Links below

(A) Join in and copy the movements to the Little Bird Dance and the Penguin Dance linking to winter and birds. 

Optional Activities - Links below

I spy bird count, owl and Elsa colouring. 


Each day we will continue to follow the school timetable including activities in Maths, English, Creative, and Physical for you to complete. Plus some optional fun additional activities.


Please note from now on the activities with (N2) in front of them are for the children going to Reception. These activities will extend their previous learning and are adapted for their age and stage of development.  (N1) activities will be for the new children who will be staying in Nursery for another year. If there is an (A) against the activity this will be for all children to learn and enjoy. 


Please send pictures or messages of the work you have completed via the Dojo portfolio and I can award Dojos for their home learning.  Please message me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a fun and creative day. 
Mrs Zammattio


Julia and Grover Search for Patterns | #SeeAmazing

Julia's great at slowing down and noticing details-and teaching Grover to identify patterns. #SeeAmazing--Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel here: http:/...


The tale of two feathers.mp4

Still image for this video

Topic - RSPB Bird Hunt 


BirdWatch information -
Watch the birds live on the RSPB site, It is lovely to see. -

There is a lovely optional app that you can download if your child is showing a lot of interest, with lots more exciting things about birds for children. 

RSPB First Birds: A Guide and Activity App - 


KT Bird video.mp4

Still image for this video
Dance and Movement 

little bird dance | godo Song

Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

The Penguin Dance is a super fun song for brain breaks. The Penguin Dance uses a growing pattern to teach left and right, following directions, listening ski...

Optional Activities