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Good morning, 

Have a brilliant Thursday, don't forget to send me pictures! Thank you if you already have , the work is looking amazing!

Your Thursday tasks are as follows:


I have set you an activity on Mathletics.

I have also set you an activity on estimating angles for you to complete on Purple Mash. 



I have set your reading tasks on Purple Mash

Book: The Time-Lock Adventure

Chapter: 6

Activity: Online multiple choice quiz and sequencing activity (to be done in your book)

Challenge Activity: Open ended questions (to be done in your book)

I have also uploaded another reading comprehension in case Purple Mash stops working again. 



Please complete one of the activities from the topic grid on Australia. Please send me pictures on Dojo of any work you have done, I would love to see it!


Enjoy your day! Look forward to seeing your work on Dojo!

Mrs Heyne