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Good morning, here is today's timetable:


Morning starter- There are some quick questions to answer using the text provided. 


English- Today it is a grammar lesson on using descriptive language in our sentences. You will need a green, red, blue and yellow pencil as well as your normal pencil and paper. 


Maths - Group 1 you're are multiplying using an exchange. Today's video is an activity video meaning you need to answer the questions as you go rather than using a worksheet. There are two multiplication activities set on Mathletics to do after the video activity. 

Group 2 - Watch the video then answer as many questions as you can on the worksheet. Use the answers to check your work when you have finished. 


Science- Watch the video and complete the activities on the worksheet or paper. There are 2 independent tasks at the end to choose from. Either a reflective safety poster or a reflective materials task set on Purple Mash. There is also a link to BBC Bitesize where you can watch a video and answers some quiz questions if you would like to test your knowledge. 


RE- Learn all about Guru Nanak in our video. Then create your own piece of drama based on one of his stories or draw a picture telling his story. 


Have fun and enjoy your day. 

English- Grammar

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Maths Group 1

Maths Group 2

Science - Reflect

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RE- Sikhism

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