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Good morning everyone, 


I hope you all had a nice day yesterday. Below are your lessons and activities for today. Enjoy! 


Phonics lesson: 


Today's focus sound is 'oi' - spoil the boy. Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today. 


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound -


Video 3: writing words with the sound- 


English lesson:


In today’s English lesson we are going to begin reading our new story Meerkat Mail. Please watch the first few minutes of the following video of the Author ‘Emily Gravett’ reading the story. We are going to stop at page 8 today, so please stop watching the clip at 3:53. If you have this story at home and would prefer to read it yourselves, then this is of course fine too… but remember to stop at page 8.


Meerkat Mail- read by Emily Gravett:


We will be exploring a few pages each day so please don’t go ahead and read / listen to the whole story just yet! This is usually how we explore stories in our English lessons in school, we work through it a few pages at a time throughout the week in order to really explore and dive in to the story. 


After you have watched the beginning of the story being read, please read through the PDF lesson presentation with your child. There is then a task for the children to complete. Both of these are saved below. 

Maths lesson: 


In today’s maths lesson we will be learning to add 3 one digit numbers. Please watch Part 1 of Mrs Ormerod's videos and then watch Part 2. Your child will need a piece of paper or a mini whiteboard so that they can interact with the videos. Once your child has watched the videos, they will need to complete the worksheet which can be found below. There is an optional challenge question which can be found at the bottom of the worksheet.

Part 1

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video

RE lesson:

The RE lesson for today is about the story of baby Moses. We will be learning about what happened to Moses when he was a baby and his early life. The children need to watch the lesson video (presented by Mrs Ormerod) and then complete the activity that is explained at the end of the video. The lesson presentation and worksheet can be found below. 

Good luck!



RE lesson 3 Baby Moses.mp4

Still image for this video

Good luck everyone. I hope you all have a nice day. 


Miss Impey :)