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Today's focus sound is 'oi' - spoil the boy. Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today. 


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound -


Video 3: writing words with sound-

Purple Mash Reading Task:

Please login to purple mash and read Chapter 2 of 'I wish I was a fish' and complete the activity in the 2do section.


English lesson: 


In today’s English lesson we are going to identify the key features of a postcard. The children's writing task towards the end of this week will be to write a postcard pretending to be Sunny the Meerkat from our book 'Meerkat Mail'. Please watch the lesson video (presented by Mrs Ormerod) and complete the activity that is explained towards the end of the video. The worksheet for today's lesson can be found below along with the PDF lesson presentation. If you do not have a printer or are unable to print the worksheet, then your child can point to the key features of Buttons the Bear's postcard on the screen or identify the key features of a postcard that they may received from a family member or friend. 


Tuesday English Lesson - Features of a Postcard.mp4

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Maths lesson: 


In today’s maths lesson we will be learning to count forwards and backwards within 50. Please watch the White Rose Video and then complete the worksheet than can be found below. There is an optional challenge sheet available too. The questions on this sheet will require the children to find mistakes and develop their reasoning skills. 

Good luck!

Spr1.5.3 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50.mp4

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RE lesson:

The RE lesson for today is about the story of