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Tuesday 21st September

Good morning,


Please complete the following tasks for today. Please remember to just complete as much as you can, and only complete if you are feeling well enough too. 




Task 1 - Re-read Chapter 5 Attached below. 


Task 2 - We are building up to writing a balanced argument on whether Tucky and Davey should have helped the German soldiers. Create a list both for and against the boys helping the soldiers. 


Purple Mash 


Read Chapter 2 of Nelson Street and answer both quiz and open ended questions about Chapter 2. 




Task 1 - Complete questions Section C 1-14 on column addition and subtraction (pictures shown below)


Task 2 - Complete worksheets 1 & 2 on Inverse operations (White Rose worksheets below) I have attached the answers for you to Tick & Fix your work. You do not have to print the worksheets off.  


Task 3 - Complete the greater depth Pyramid question on addition and subtraction. Please send in your results. 





Create a timeline of the main events that took place within World War 2. These will be displayed in the classroom when you return. Us the YouTube clip below to help. 





Maths Task 1

Maths Greater Depth Question

WW II Timeline and Major Events Explained Briefly (2020)

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. There were several major events leading up to the war and then during the war. Let me brief you about the timeline of ...