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Good morning Hornbeam, 

I have really enjoyed reading your stories so far, and have been so impressed with your writing. 


Today, for your morning starter if you want to print it out, there is some Maya colouring. 


For your English, you can continue with your story. In my video, I  go through the problem and resolution if you need some support or ideas to magpie. If you have finished already, please edit your work, focusing on conjunctions and punctuation. 


For your maths, there is a lesson on fractions of amounts and some deep dive challenges for you to have a go at if you wish. 


For whole-class reading, we are looking at chapter 5 of the Great Chocoplot and there are some VIPERS questions for you to answer. I have done it differently as you don't have a copy of the book so the questions are throughout the session rather than at the end. If you'd prefer to read it yourself then just use the PowerPoint underneath, as I read it aloud in the video. 


For history, there is a lesson on the importance of Chichen Itza and you can log on to Purple Mash to complete a 2Do and demonstrate your understanding. 


Have fun today. 


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Sum3.2.1 - Fractions of a set of objects (1) Group 1

Deep dive challenges

Sum2.11.2 - Four operations with volume Group 2

Whole Class Reading (VIPERS)

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