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Tuesday 23rd February

The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 - English - Complete the ACE-IT Challenge on modal verbs and upload onto class dojo. 


2 - Complete the ACE-IT Challenge linked to today's PE lesson and upload onto class dojo. 

English - 


1 - Today you will be focusing on identifying and using modal verbs. There in an introduction from Mrs Close on slide 1 of the powerpoint below. You will need to complete the worksheet and ACE-IT challenge:


'Write a short paragraph using modal verbs to explain what Alex could and should do to try and find out about how his Uncle died'. 


2.  Please continue with Chapter 2 of The Snatch on Purple Mash and complete the online quiz.   



Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


 1 - Watch the zoom lesson with Mrs Walsh on completing worded maths questions on addition and subtraction. You can pause the video and complete/ tick & fix your work with Mrs Walsh. 


Topic - PE Circuit:


Warm up: Play Steeple Chase with someone in your house. Jog on the spot and react to the following commands – Why not make it into a competition – Who can respond first? After each command has been called, return to jogging and wait for the next command.


GATE: jump as high as possible

WATER: jump as far as possible

FALL: Jump from side to side

CHANGE: Jump to the other way

REFUSAL: Jump backwards

WIN: Skip with knees high


Task 1: Now complete the following challenges:


1 – How many burpees can you complete in 60 seconds? Record your reps.


2 – Can you hold a plank for 1 minute?


Task 2: Complete the following EMOM (every minute on the minute challenge) – This is a 16 minute challenge:


  • Minute 1 = Frog Hops
  • Minute 2 = 30 fast Punches
  • Minute 3 = 20 Russian Twists (20 each side)
  • Minute 4 = 20 Mountain climbers (10 each side)


Cool Down: Follow the Fit-bits 007 video to help you stretch.



Task 3: Now answer the following ACE-IT Challenge and upload your answers;


  1. Can you suggest why the exercises in the cool down might help our flexibility?
  2. Why do we need water after exercise?
  3. Why does completing the Russian Twists exercise help you in day to day life?



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Task 1

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Task 2

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Cool Down

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