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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a great Tuesday. 

Please complete the following activities today: 

  • Maths: 
    • Read Subtracting Whole Amounts PDF Lesson
    • Next, watch the video below on how subtract fractions from whole numbers. 
    • Mathletics: One Take Fraction and Fraction Fruits Sets 1
  • Reading: 
    • Purple Mash: Read Animal Boy chapter 2 and complete online multiple choice quiz and the questions activity. Write a list of questions that Josh had racing round his head. 
  • Topic
    • Complete one activity from the topic home learning grid to support your learning about Spain. (This can be found under 'Home Learning Grid' star)


Don't forget to complete your new weekly writing tasks and spellings this week.


Have a great day,

Miss Sullivan

Copy and paste this video link:


Search How to: Whole Number minus a Fraction on YouTube

It is the first video below by Let's Do Math.