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Tuesday 9th February

Happy Tuesday Holly and Hazel Class,


Today we will be continuing with our Chinese New Year celebrations and look at the story of The Great Race with lots of activities linked to the story.  In Literacy watch the shadow puppet story and make your own shadow puppets, retelling the story. Maths, can you sequence the story using positional language and have a go at the number bonds 5 and 10 worksheets.  I would also like to make a firework picture choosing which form of media you want as our creative activity today. 

Each day we will continue to follow the school timetable including activities in Maths, English, Creative, and Physical for you to complete. Plus some optional fun additional activities. 


Can you all have a go at the Londons Youth Games Challenges week 4, How many shuttle runs can you complete in 30 seconds? Please see the demonstration on the school story Monday 08th February. It does not matter how many you do, it is about the more who participate in these events. Please represent and support Warrender School and Hillingdon Borough. Thank you.


Physical Education - 0900 

(A) To access this go to P.E with Joe Wicks on YouTube. Alternatively, try Andy's Wild Workouts or Go Noodle on YouTube.  Don't forget to try out the London Youth Games Challenge too. 


Celebrations Topic -  Chinese New Year 

(A) Listen to Mrs Zammattio read the story of The Great Race showing how the Chinese Zodiac was formed. Do you remember the order of the animals and which order they came in?


Literacy - The Great Race - Links below

Watch the video of a shadow puppet story of The Great Race  Afterwards, cut out your own stick puppets and make your own shadow puppet show, retelling the story to your grown-ups. 


Maths - Links below

(A) Play The Great Race positional language PowerPoint. Can you remember the order that the animals came in as they crossed the river? Test your memory and recall with the sequencing PowerPoint try using positional language e.g 1st, 2nd 3rd. 

(N2) Play the  interactive maths reasoning PowerPoint 

(N2) Challenge have a go at number bonds worksheet for 5 and 10 and make one up of your own. 


Phonics -  Pencil Control Links below

(A) Trace the firework patterns to work on your fine motor skills and pencil control. 


Creative - Fireworks - Links below

Watch the story links and videos linking to fireworks below to inspire you to make your own firework masterpiece. You can choose to use the computer, paints, chalks or crayons to make your colourful picture. Send me your photos and I can award you 10 Dojos. 


Extension work and fun creative activities - See 'Optional Activities Star' on the weekly page.


Please note from now activities with (N2) in front of them are for the children going to Reception. These activities will extend their previous learning and are adapted for their age and stage of development.  (N1) activities will be for the new children who will be staying in Nursery for another year. If there is an (A) against the activity means this will be for all the children to learn and enjoy. 


Please send pictures of the work you have completed via the Dojo portfolio and I can award Dojos for this. Please message me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
Mrs Zammattio

Celebrations Topic - Chinese New Year 

The Great Race Story.mp4

Still image for this video

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

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Maths Chinese PowerPoint.mp4

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Fireworks  - Activities

CBeebies: Bing - Super Loud Fireworks

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Fireworks Dance - Musical Moments - Sarah and Duck

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Extensions and Creative ideas  - 'Optional Activities Star' on the weekly page