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Good morning Holly Class


I hope you had a lovely day yesterday looking at healthy eating and trying out lots of new activities. Continuing with our Health and Sports Week, try all the fun activities on the Warrender website under children. Scroll down to Health and Sports Week and look under Early Years and Key Stage One. All the sports and skills activities are there for you to choose - try and do one or two a day of each. There is also a fun daily DT project for all to enjoy. 


In maths, we are going to be looking at a different area each day, revisiting areas that we have covered throughout the year. These areas are  linked to EYFS early learning goals that Nursery should know before going into Reception. If you need any more help with any of these areas please let me know and I can send you more activities to support you. There will be no phonics or weekly activities this week. 


Please go to the children's pages, look under Health and Sports Week and complete the activities set out for everyone. I hope you have fun trying out the new skills activities on the grid that the teachers have made for all the children to enjoy. Also try the sports challenges and remember to record the challenges to add your points and the end of the week. Please send us your photos of your children trying out the activities so we can award them Dojos.


I hope you have fun today trying some of the sports challenges.


Mrs Zammattio



Subitising Numbers 1 to 10