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16.12.2020 Maths
We are learning all about adding two groups together. Can you write number sentences showing your findings? E.g. 5 + 4 = 9. You can use objects to help with your counting and adding. Please find Dinosaur Addition PowerPoint attached. 

Play some addition/subtraction games on the Top Marks website. 

I have also attached addition/subtraction sheets, if you would like to complete that too.

Can you practice your sounds and write some simple words? You could even go on a sound hunt around the house! Focus on some special friends that you may find tricky too.  Listen to our Tricky Words song, can you write any tricky words down? 

Can you play the game PhonicsPlay online? Which words are real or alien words? 

You could practice writing sentences at home. Remember to use your sounds to write your sentence. Sing our sentence song to remember that we need a capital letter and full stop.

Please can you draw a picture linked to the Nativity. You could use a paint programme on a laptop, tablet or computer. 


We have PE today. Can you do our flower stretches(start as a seed, then on your tip toes, show your petals (stretch your arms) etc.
How quickly can you run on the spot?
You could have a look at Go Noodle dances online or Kidz Bop and copy the dance moves!