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Hello Hornbeam! Happy Wednesday to you all.


For your morning starter can you find all the imperative verbs hidden in the word search? There are 15 to find. 


English- Watch the video all about ordering instructions logically. There is an activity for you to complete when you have finished included time conjunctions and imperative verbs. 


Maths- Group 1 you will be dividing with remainders, there is a worksheet and the answers underneath for you to mark your work when you have finished. 


Group 2 - You are dividing by 2 and there is also a worksheet for you to complete. 


History- We are learning about the changes in the Neolithic period today. There are a few questions for you to answer and we also find out about Otzi the Iceman. If you are a bit squeamish then turn off the video when I say.


Music- Listen to the song using the web link called Living in the Stone Age (Living in the New Stone Age is also there for you if you want to hear that again too). Can you write your own song or verse about what it was like to live in the Stone Age? Use your knowledge but make it fun! 


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Maths Group 1

Maths Group 2


Still image for this video

Music - Living in the New Stone Age