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Morning everyone, 


Below are your lessons and activities for today. On a Wednesday afternoon the children usually do a Music lesson with Mr Wright and have PE with Mr M. Therefore, we recommend you look at the Music and PE activities set out in the grid on the previous page to keep you busy this afternoon. 


Don't forget about our well-being zoom calls this morning. I have sent codes out for this on dojo. 

Purple Mash Reading:

The new story for this week on Purple Mash is called ‘Anna and the Third Leaf’. Please read chapter 3 and complete the paint project activity after. Feel free to read this chapter to your child and then encourage them to complete the activity as independently as possible.

Phonics lesson: 



Today's focus sound is 'are' - care and share.  Click on the links and join Mrs Brown for our phonics lesson today.  We have already looked at this before half term but I wanted you to recap sounds this week.


Video 1: recap of sounds & introduction of the sound -


Video 2: reading words with the sound -


Video 3: writing words with sound-


English lesson:

In today’s lesson the children will be writing and designing and invitation to the party that they planned yesterday. We will explore all of the key information and detail you should include on an invitation, before the children will then create a few of their own to hand out to their favourite toys / family members.


If the children would like to put their planning into practice and actually have a small ‘party’ with their toys / family then of course they can, but they do not have to. They can just pretend if they would prefer. It’s totally up to them. 


Please watch the lesson video below (presented by Miss Impey) and then complete the task. There is an invitation template below that you can use if you wish, or you can simply create you own. 

Lesson video

Still image for this video

Maths lesson: 

In today’s lesson, the children will be adding lengths together. Please watch the video lesson and pause the video to answer the questions on the worksheet at the appropriate times. The children may need to use addition strategies that we have previously learnt to add the numbers together. They could use a number to 20, tens frame, fingers or objects such as lego bricks, dried pasta, grapes etc.


Lesson 3 Wednesday Adding lengths.mp4

Still image for this video

Music lesson:

Please see the activity set out in the grid on the previous page.


PE lesson: 

Please see the activity set out in the grid on the previous page. Hopefully you have all been doing the daily PE activities- I'm sure they are getting you up and active ready for the day! Please complete today's activity and maybe you could also go out for a nice walk in the fresh air too. 

I hope you have had fun with your lessons today! 


Miss Impey :)