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Wednesday 16th December

PSHE; Celebrating Differences

Work through the Powerpoint about life in Ghana that we studied last week.  Your task is to complete a culture wheel either for a child working on a cocoa plantation or for Joseph. There is an ACE it activity on the final slide to0. 


French- design and write a Christmas card in French.  There is a template and vocabulary below to help you. If you don't have a printer you can design your own card. 


Maths -

Task 1 - Watch the video clip on 'Wrap up warm' and answer the multi-step questions. Each question is explained so don't forget to pause each question and have a go yourself. There is also a powerpoint to follow if you can not or don't want to watch the video. 

Task 2 - Complete the tasks 'Division facts' on Mathletics. Please make sure all Mathletics tasks are up-to-date. 


English -

Task 1 - Following on from your work yesterday on relative clauses, complete the reindeer relative clauses activity below. 

Task 2 - Reading; finish the book and book review for Omni, your new best friend if you haven't already done so. 


Wednesday Maths - Wrap up warm!

Still image for this video
Watch the video and answer the multi-step questions. Don't forget to pause the video, have a go at each question and 'Tick & Fix' your work. Each answer is explained in the video.

Have a go at the Christmas Stocking code breaker. Send in your answers! 




Template for French Christmas Card