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Happy Wednesday and Good Morning!!

I hope you are all having a brilliant week so far and are able to get out and get some fresh air!

Today's activities are all attached below. Today you will be doing English, Grammar, Maths, History and Whole Class Reading. I have also attached additional activities at the bottom of the page for you to complete if you have extra time. 

Don't forget to send me your work through your portfolio. 


Have a great day 

Mrs Heyne 

Morning Starter

Watch the clip linked below from Literacy Shed. 

Who are the characters in the short film?

What do they represent? 

What is happening in the short film? 

What happens at the end? 

English - Lesson 1

Still image for this video

English - Lesson 1 

Watch the recorded power point above. All the resources, including the power point, have been attached below. I have also included the link for the short clip below in case it doesn't work through the power point. 

History Lesson

Still image for this video

History Lesson 

Follow the recorded lesson above. There are three tasks to complete and all the resources for the lesson have been attached below.

Whole Class Reading 

Your whole class reading for today is just to read chapter 4 of Holes. I have copied the chapter on to a power point so it is easier for you to read. 

Holes - Chapter 4

Additional Activities - Optional! 


Purple Mash 

I have set a story on Purple Mash for you to read a chapter a day and complete the quiz that goes with the chapter. As this book is 7 chapters, this book will continue in to next week. 



I have set daily activities on Mathletics for you. Throughout the week you have been set five activities but you only need to complete one per day.