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Wednesday 24th February

Why not start the day with some yoga?

The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 -  Your analysis of at least 1 of the 4 extracts from Chapter 2 of Stormbreaker.  This can be in the form of an annotated copy of the extract, a written paragraph or a video presentation. 


2 - Computing - Complete the coding number sequences on Purple Mash and submit. 

English - 


1 -  Following the zoom reading of chapter 2 (it is in a PowerPoint below if you missed the 10am meeting) work through the PowerPoint lesson on analysing the way the author creates tension in his writing. 


2.  Please continue with Chapter 3 of The Snatch on Purple Mash and complete the online quiz.  You also have your Bedrock reading lessons.  If you haven't already logged on and completed your reading assessment please do so.  Log in details were sent to you but if you need them, please send me a Dojo message.  



Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


 1 - Continuing on from yesterday, complete the worded questions on addition and subtraction. The answers are below as well for you to Tick & Fix your work.


Topic 1: Complete 1 task from the homework learning grid (See picture below) Don't forget to upload your work so that we can award your dojo points. 


Topic 2: Computing - Complete the coding number sequences on Purple mash, 'A set of challenges that use loops to generate different sequences of numbers'. 


Topic 3: French with Mrs Betson

Hello Year 5 and welcome back!

Today in French we are revising fruit, please work through the powerpoint, listening to the fruit names in French and practise saying them out loud. There is also a worksheet, please do not print this, simply make your own Fruit Dictionary by drawing & labelling the fruit (instructions are on the sheet). On the second sheet you are going to practise writing 'I like' & 'I do not like' again, all instructions are on the sheet. Enjoy!

Madame Betson.


Chapter 2 of Stormbreaker

Creating tension; analysis of Stormbreaker, Chapter 2