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Good morning everyone, 


Here are your activities for Wednesday - 


For maths today use the link above to watch lesson 3 and complete as many of the questions as you can from the worksheet attached above. This time you will be subtracting the 3 digit number with an exchange. The answers are there also, please mark your work when you have finished.


For reading today, we are continuing with the stories on purple mash. Please read chapter 3 and complete the activities in the 2do section. If you have been reading 'School Swap' there are two activities in the 2do section for you to complete.


Topic- If you haven't already please ask your adult to send us your plan. We have loved reading the ones we have seen so far. If you have sent us your plan you can begin to write the introduction to you story. You will need to include expanded noun phrases in your introduction to receive the Dojo points. There is a link to watch a BBC Bitesize video (on the topic grid)  that will explain expanded noun phrases if you need a reminder. Don't forget if you are using more than one adjective to describe your noun you need to separate them with a comma. 

For example:                               Her fluffyred jumper.

                                                A small, spotty dog. 


If you have any questions or need some support send us a Dojo. 


Have fun today! 


Mrs Ormerod, Miss Wardlaw and Mrs Brown