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Wednesday 3rd March

The 2 pieces of work you need to submit today are:


1 - English - Complete and send in your answers for the VIPERS questions on chapter 5 of Stormbreaker. 


2 - Complete 1 task from the home learning grid and upload to your portfolio. 

English - 


1 - We will read chapter 5 together in our zoom meeting at 10am this morning.  The chapter is on the PowerPoint below if you are unable to make the meeting. Complete the VIPERS questions on this chapter.  


2.  Please continue with your reading activities on Bedrock. 



Maths -  Group 1 & Group 2


 1 - Click on the link below (instructions below) play the games to test your knowledge on quick fire rounds on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.


2 - Please ensure that all mathletics tasks are completed and you are up-to-date before we return to school.


Topic -


1 - Complete 2 task from the home learning grid and upload via your portfolio so that we can award your dojos. Click on the link below for the home learning grid:


French with Mrs Betson.  


Work through the Powerpoint and complete the written activity. There are instructions on the first slide. 

Instructions for maths

Chapter 5 of Stormbreaker

VIPERS questions