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Week 1

Good morning or afternoon!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Your first weekly writing task is to write an instructional text on Aussie rules football. I have uploaded a genre checklist and a Power Point to help plan your piece of writing, use the internet for all your other research. 

Remember to edit your work (just like we would in class) and you could then write it up in neat or type it up. 

Any questions about the writing task please send me a message on Dojo. 


The SPaG activities this week are a SPaG mat, which I have uploaded, and a spelling task that has been set on Purple Mash. 

I have uploaded three different SPaG mats, which include the answers, so you can choose which one you would like to complete.


I have also uploaded the daily topic tasks based on Australia. Please send through any pictures of activities completed, as I would love to see the work you have been doing!


Have a great week

Mrs Heyne