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Week 8 (Week 1 Story Tellers)

Week 1 - Story Tellers


So, like I said before, Story Tellers is slightly different to our normal topic grids. We will be aiming to write a whole story over the next three weeks where I mark your work once you have written each section; you then edit and improve your work based on the feedback given. 


Week 1 

In the first week you will need to plan and write an introduction for your story.

The first thing you will need to do is follow the Features of Story Writing powerpoint, found in Lesson 1. This will talk you through how to choose and plan your story.  


You will then need to follow the weekly plan of activities uploaded in the weekly star, this will also be uploaded in to the daily stars. Each day will have a different activity which will be linked to your plan or story introduction. 


All the resources can be found in the weekly star. 

Once completed in the order given, make sure you remember to send through your plan and introduction for me to give you feedback!


Any questions, please message me on dojo. 

I look forward to reading your stories!

Mr Heyne